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Modalities: Remote, Onsite and Hybrid

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

OPUS Traduções | Interpretação Remota

Remote Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpreting and Consecutive Interpreting make up the Remote Interpreting group today. Both modalities gained a virtual format with online tools that offer video calls and features such as screen sharing, chat or chat, and collaborative editing of documents.

We can say that Remote Interpreting is the interpretation service with which the entire event is translated via videoconference. Speakers, listeners and translators are all connected through a platform with a sufficiently stable and fast internet connection to support the event and the application.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI – Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) or Remote Simultaneous Translation (TSR) is the most used modality.

OPUS Traduções | Interpretação em Evento Presencial

Interpretation in Face-to-face Event

In a face-to-face event with Simultaneous Interpretation, there are some questions to think about. For example, the space where the event will take place must have all the infrastructure for sound transmission and simultaneous translation equipment (acoustic booth, phone, microphone, headset, RF transmitter, receiver).

If necessary, the event organizer must contract these items with a technical equipment leasing company that will certainly provide the receptionists for the distribution of portable transmitters and also the sound technicians who will be present throughout the event providing support in relation to the input and output of stage sound and translation booth sound for everyone.

OPUS Traduções | Interpretação em Evento Híbrido

Hybrid Event Interpretation

We have a wide range of options to make your event possible according to today’s reality and following all security measures.

Online platforms, VR virtual reality devices and 3D and 360° augmented reality, live broadcast, streaming over networks, multimedia content, are some alternatives to adapt your event to the new normal and hybrid format, if applicable.

We remind you that in the hybrid format, it is necessary to hire fully sanitized simultaneous translation equipment (booth, phone, microphone, headset, RF transmitter, receiver).

OPUS Traduções | Interpretação para Feiras e Exposições

Interpretation for fairs and exhibitions

Have you ever stopped to think about the flow of people who attend fairs, exhibitions, pavilions; and who visit the stands, suppliers, partners?

These people come to these events from all over the world looking for the best deals and partnerships. As such, the flexibility you offer to serve your prospects in these environments makes all the difference in closing important deals.

We, at OPUS Traduções, have already had the pleasure of participating in several moments of contract signing, brand and product promotion, alignment meetings during fairs and exhibitions. We can only do this because we have a unique approach to help you market and sell your product, which even includes training – at the customer’s discretion.

OPUS | Translation and Interpretation at Events

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